Gas Regulator: CO2 Pressure Reducing Valve With CGA320/CGA580 Connector

January 27,2021

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Brief History Of Gas Regulators

Gasoline regulators were actually invented in Victorian times, when a patent was submitted in 1825 for a tool to create gas flow by means of pipes a lot more easily.

The suggestion was to address the issue of Greater london's gas-fired road lights, which had actually only been mounted just a few years previously and were actually possessing teething difficulties.


Victorian male igniting a gas lamp in a Greater london street near Significant BenThe lightsDefinition
CO2 pressure reducing valve is generally a pressure reduction device for bottled gas, and it is one type of gas regulators. When the inlet pressure a required a great deal of upkeep and also worked unpredictably because gas was moving erratically with the pipelines. This was mostly as a result of water pipes being laid at different street degrees, which indicated gas must circulate backwards and forwards hill.

Victorian lamp with flames shooting out. Also, need for gas varied according to the amount of time of day. When some lamps were snuffed out due to the fact that they were no more required, others would flash considerably greater fires due to the fact that the pressure was actually raised in the rest of the body. This was not only risky however additionally a significant misuse of fuel.


Design revealing high pressure gas circulating via pipeHigh tension was actually needed to press the gas through the pipework, and also given that the water pipes were stocked long sizes they supplied a ton of resistance. The longer the pipe, the greater the protection that had to relapse, so the even more tension was needed to have.



Gas regulators were actually generated to lessen the stress to a secure and also usable degree.

Definition Of CO2 Pressure Reducing Valve

CO2 pressure reducing valve is generally a pressure reduction device for bottled gas, and it is one type of gas regulators. When the inlet pressure and outlet flow change, ensure that the outlet pressure is always stable. However, rising low pressure gauge readings may indicate potential hazards and hidden dangers. In general, the pressure reducer is a device that decompresses the high-pressure gas in the steel cylinder into a low-pressure gas that can be used by the user.


CO2 gas regulator


Classification and function of CO2 pressure reducer

CO2 pressure reducing valve can be divided into oxygen acetylene pressure regulator according to different purposes, and can also be divided into two types: centralized type and post type; according to different structures, it can be divided into two types: single-stage and double-stage; Different working principles can be divided into two types: positive acting and reverse acting. At present, common domestic pressure reducers are mainly composed of single-stage reaction type and two-stage hybrid type (the first stage is a direct-acting type and the second-stage is a reaction type).



This CO2 pressure reducer is composed of pressure gauge, flowmeter, heating kit, adjusting knob, safety valve, outlet connector, upper cover and inlet connector. The model provided by our company is composed of American connector specifications CGA320/CGA580, and the connector specifications are different in different countries.


Adjustment method of CO2 pressure reducer

1. Open the valve of the cylinder first, it can be opened to a larger position.

2. Slowly open (tighten) the pressure reducing valve clockwise. When the pointer of the pressure gauge on the left reaches 0.05MPa, it should not be too large, because it will easily flush out the pipeline inside the incubator.