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August 23,2021

After playing football, you are wearing sport soccer shoes standing in the kitchen with yellow marble floor porcelain tile and eating barbecue on the aluminum buffet serving trays, your mother might be wearing blended mix gloves cooking on an electricity grill. However, all of this can’t operate without air, of course, including the argon in the air.


Argon is one of the rare gases and the most common protective gas. It is colorless, odorless, and inert to other substances. Argon's name comes from the Greek word for "laziness", which reflects how reactive it is, so few compounds are formed.


As the second highest element in earth's natural atmosphere, Argon is less than 1% abundant. Because of its inert nature, it has excellent weldability, so metals do not oxidize in it.


When someone talks about "welding", you are likely to imagine a leather and hooded figure connecting two pieces of metal. What about when someone says "argon regulator"? Unless you are an industry professional, this may seem like a foreign word. Fortunately, we will look at what an argon regulator is, why it is important, and how to use it.

high accuracy argon regulator

High Accuracy Argon Regulator --- Ningbo Metl Industrial Technology Co., Ltd

What is an argon regulator?


The argon regulator is very similar to the oxygen regulator. However, one key to note is the delivery gauge (usually on the right).


On oxygen regulators, the delivery meter usually displays pressure in psi and bar. Argon regulators usually display gas flow rates in liters per minute and cubic feet per hour.


It is important to ensure that the delivery meter reads the flow rate, because most MIG and TIG welders quote the recommended delivery rate in liters per minute.


The argon and argon/carbon dioxide regulators used for MIG welding have two meters. One shows you the pressure of the gas cylinder (usually on the left), and another should show you the delivery of gas flow. It is usually measured in cubic feet per hour, and some are also in the metric system, which means liters per minute.


How does the argon regulator work?


In theory, the structure of the regulator is actually very simple. The gas enters the high-pressure chamber from one side, and the high-pressure chamber is separated from the second low-pressure chamber by the first valve. The valve itself is controlled by a knob on the regulator. From there you can determine how much gas you want to vent to the second chamber. Therefore, if the pressure in the second chamber reaches the parameters you choose, the pressure created in the second, larger chamber helps close the first valve.


How to use argon regulator safely?


It is very important to follow the safety guidelines when performing argon welding. The following are some tips for the correct use of welding pressure regulators.


  • When opening the cylinder, do not stand directly in front of the regulator. Keep the regulator away from sparks or flames in the workplace.


  • Check the diaphragm for leaks. If using gas, set the regulator to 14 pounds per square inch gauge (psig); use 45 psig for all other gases and oxygen. Place your finger on the vent and apply leak detection solution. If there are bubbles on the vent when you remove your finger, there is a leak.


  • A diaphragm leak may indicate a leak in the high-pressure valve seat. This problem can lead to creep: increase the pressure on the working side of the regulator. Excessive pressure on the working side will not only damage the diaphragm, but also damage hoses, instruments and other equipment.


  • When shutting down thesystem, always loosen the adjusting screw to release the pressure on the spring and diaphragm and prevent damage to them.


  • Never add oil to the regulator. Only clean with dry, oil-free towels.


Where to buy high accuracy argon regulator?


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