How Does Gas Regulator Work?

March 09,2022

Many people maybe unfamiliar to gas regulator. In this paper, we will introduce some basic information about the gas regulator.




What Is Gas Regulator?


A gas regulator, also known as a gas pressure regulator, is a mechanical device used with cylinder gas. It is designed to slow down the compressed gas rushing out of the cylinder and release it in a controlled and stable flow to the device connected to it.


Working Principle Of Gas Regulator


  • Gas entry regulator: When you connect the regulator to the cylinder and open the cylinder valve, high-pressure compressed gas is rushed through the inlet into the valve chamber.
  • Gas fills chamber: Gas quickly fills the valve chamber
  • Diaphragm moves down: When you turn the regulator control knob clockwise to increase the flow of gas, it forces the diaphragm down by pressing the spring. This then pushes the stem open.
  • Gas into low pressure chamber: Open stem to let gas into low pressure chamber. The gas is now pushing up against the diaphragm, acting against the spring.
  • Diaphragm stability: The diaphragm stops moving and becomes stable when the upward force exerted by the pressure of the gas below the diaphragm reaches the same level as the downward force exerted by the spring. This allows the gas to start flowing into the device at a steady, even rate.
  • Cylinder pressure drop: After a period of time, as the gas is used up, the pressure in the cylinder begins to drop. This has a knock-on effect on the pressure in the valve chamber, which also begins to weaken. As the upward push from below decreases, the diaphragm begins to move downward under the push of the spring. This opens the valve wider, allowing more gas to enter the low pressure chamber.
  • Outlet pressure rise: As the gas concentrates in the low pressure chamber, the outlet pressure begins to rise
  • Cylinder emptying: When the cylinder runs out of gas, or when you close the cylinder valve because you have finished using the equipment, the inlet closes and both gauges return to zero as the last gas leaves the regulator.


In The End


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