How to Choose the Appropriate Pressure Regulator According to the Nature of the Gas?

September 01,2022

There are all kinds of pressure regulators in the market now. We remind you not to neglect safety because it is cheap. When selecting the pressure regulator, the regulations must be strictly observed and the pressure regulator must be confirmed according to the nature of the gas used.


pressure regulator


  1. Single-stage pressure regulator is recommended for common inert gas. If the stability of the output pressure is required to be high, it is recommended to select a two-stage pressure regulator.


  1. Combustible gas, combustion supporting gas, corrosive gas, and toxic gas are commonly referred to as dangerous gas. When using such gas, special attention shall be paid to the selection of material and model of the pressure regulator.


Be careful


During the use of gas, the pressure regulator and pressure gauge shall not be mixed. For example, the pressure regulator for oxygen cannot be used in acetylene, petroleum gas, and other systems.


According to the requirements of national standards, the connection ports of cylinder valves used for different gases are also different. For example, hydrogen is a combustible and non-toxic gas, and its connecting thread is left-hand. Carbon monoxide is a combustible, toxic, and corrosive gas, and its connecting thread is also left-hand. Special attention shall be paid during use.


If you are not sure about the nature of the gas used or are worried that the gas will corrode the pressure regulator, you can directly choose our stainless steel pressure regulator.


Finally, when using the pressure regulator, it is necessary to ensure the purity and dryness of the gas as much as possible, because some gas will react with water to accelerate the corrosion of the pressure regulator and greatly reduce the service life of the pressure regulator.


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