Operation Method of Beer Regulator

April 06,2022

Have you ever seen a beer regulator in your daily life? Today, let's talk about the operation method of beer regulators.


beer regulator


  1. When the oxygen bottle is deflated or the beer regulator is opened, the action must be slow. If the opening speed of the valve is too fast, the temperature of the gas in the working part of the beer regulator will be greatly increased due to adiabatic compression, which may cause the parts made of organic materials, such as rubber filler, rubber film, and fibrous liner, to burn out on fire and completely burn out the beer regulator.


  1. Precautions before installing the beer regulator and opening the cylinder valve: before installing the regulator, slightly open the oxygen cylinder valve and blow away the dirt to prevent dust and moisture from entering the pressure reducer. When opening the cylinder valve, the outlet of the cylinder valve shall not be aligned with the operator or others to prevent high-pressure gas from suddenly rushing out and hurting people. The joint between the air outlet of the beer regulator and the gas rubber pipe must be tightened with annealed iron wire or clamp; Prevent the danger of disconnection after air supply.


  1. Precautions during loading, unloading, and working of beer regulator: when loading and unloading the regulator, attention must be paid to prevent thread slippage of the pipe joint, to avoid shooting due to loose screw installation. Pay attention to the pressure value of the working pressure gauge during operation. When stopping work, first loosen the pressure regulating screw of the pressure reducer, then close the oxygen cylinder valve, and slowly discharge the gas in the beer regulator, to protect the spring and pressure reducing valve from damage. After the work, remove the regulator from the gas cylinder and keep it properly.
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