Oxygen Regulators and Oxygen Cylinders

June 26,2021


Oxygen regulators come in many different sizes and styles, so they can be adapted to different large oxygen cylinders and different delivery systems. Oxygen regulators are manufactured to comply with a number of safety specifications. If you are finding a  medical oxygen cylinder regulator supplier,then Ningbo METL Industrial Technology is the right choice for you.

Tips in using oxygen cylinders:

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Staff should be fully trained in the use of oxygen cylinders, which are attached to the regulatory authority if required, and aware of all relevant threats, such as fire, as well as handling guidelines.


Before each use, the oxygen storage tank and its regulating device should be thoroughly checked to ensure that they contain sufficient oxygen for necessary treatment. Check the tube label to ensure that oxygen is within its service life

Pay attention to regular maintenance. Make sure your hands are clean before you pay attention to the dangers of oxygen containers. Specifically, make sure the hands are properly dried after using an alcohol gel.


Make sure the oxygen cylinder power outlet and oxygen regulator inlet are clean before connecting the regulator. Always open the cylinder gradually and check for leaks.
Carefully manage oxygen container switches. Avoid cylinder drop or knock during use. When indoors, make sure oxygen containers are securely attached to beds, trolleys, or walls.


Modern light oxygen containers can be damaged by sharp objects, etc. Store oxygen cylinders in a safe and reliable place that is ventilated, clean and dry. Ensure that the area must be free of any sparks, e.g. patient/staff smoking, etc. If using a bull nose regulator, make sure you attach it to the oxygen tube tube, as they may be incorrectly installed into a clinical air container or other gas.




d jumbo oxygen cylinder regulator medical, medical oxygen cylinder regulator supplier

medical regulator for oxygen tank


oxygen regulators by by Metl

With deep knowledge and experience in this industry, Ningbo METL Industrial Technology is committed to manufacturing and supplying oxygen regulators, including medical oxygen regulators on the market. Modern technology and high quality materials make our oxygen regulators far ahead in quality.


Regulators are highly praised by customers for their durability, ease of installation, low maintenance costs, and high performance. The purpose of the Medical Oxygen Regulator is to allow you to adjust the flow of oxygen from the oxygen tank as needed in order to provide the correct oxygen dose to the patient. Metl Company guarantees that the products will be delivered to the customer intact within the specified time.




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