Precautions When Using Welding Cutting Torch

July 05,2022

Welding torch——The tool used to control the gas mixing ratio, flow rate and flame during gas welding, and used for welding, is called welding torch or welding torch. The function of the welding torch is to mix the combustible gas and oxygen in a certain proportion, and spray and burn at a certain speed to generate a welding flame with certain energy, composition and shape stability.


Precautions when using:


Welding Cutting Torch


  • Determine the pressure and gas consumption of oxygen and gas according to the size of the welding and cutting tip of the welding and cutting torch.
  • The nozzle and the metal plate cannot be sprayed with each other.
  • When the nozzle is blocked, use a needle to clean it. Remove the nozzle and clean it from the inside out.
  • Check the gasket and the valves of each link for air leakage.
  • Before use, the air in the rubber seal should be exhausted, and then the oxygen and acetylene valves should be opened respectively, and the ignition test welding can be performed after they are unblocked.
  • All parts of the welding and cutting torch must not be stained with oil.
  • The heat of the welding and cutting tip should not be too high. If it is too high, it needs to be cooled with cold water.
  • When igniting, the gas valve should be opened first, and then the oxygen valve should be opened after ignition.
  • If the gas and oxygen valves are leaking, they should be repaired in time.
  • Before use, a flashback arrester should be installed on the gas pipeline.
  • When leaving the working position, it is forbidden to put the lit welding and cutting torch on the operating table.
  • When there is freezing in the rubber tube, it should be thawed with warm water or hot steam. It is forbidden to bake with fire, and it is not allowed to purge the acetylene pipeline with oxygen.




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