Some Information About Gas Regulators

January 17,2022

Natural gas flowmeter is a common flowmeter, which brings many benefits to the metering industry. It is a very practical flowmeter. Natural gas flowmeters are used in a wide range, so we should pay more attention when using natural gas flowmeters to avoid the following faults.




Attachment layer on the inner wall


The natural gas flowmeter needs to be used in many occasions with suspended matter or stolen goods. At this time, it will suffer more damage than other meters, and it is easy to have attachments on the inner wall. If these attachments are not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the use of the natural gas flowmeter.


Lightning shock


If lightning shock occurs, it will enter the instrument and let it relax. Lightning shock will generally enter the instrument from the power line, sensor and excitation line. Therefore, lightning protection measures must be taken in these places to avoid faults in use.


Environmental factors


If the natural gas flowmeter is disturbed by new magnetic waves during use, its normal work will be affected, and sometimes the output signal will fluctuate greatly. Everyone must pay attention to avoid the interference of the surrounding environment when using it.


Although some of the common failures of natural gas flowmeter are unavoidable, as long as we make preparations in advance, it can still operate normally without failure. Therefore, we should pay more attention when using natural gas flowmeter.


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