What is the oxygen therapy and Medical Oxygen Regulator?

June 26,2021

Definitions of oxygen therapy and Medical Oxygen Regulator




medical oxygen regulator

What is the Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a medical treatment, which can help people with impaired respiratory system and low oxygen levels get enough oxygen for survival needs. For most people, as long as their lungs are healthy, can get enough oxygen from the air. But when their lung function is impaired, the amount they get through normal breathing may not be enough.

Oxygen therapy refers to the supp lementation of oxygen to the patient in different doses and delivery methods as prescribed by a healthcare professional.


What is Medical Oxygen Regulator?

Medical oxygen regulator is one of the important equipment used to deliver and regulate supplementary oxygen to individuals in need of oxygen treatment. In general, a regulator is a pressure relief device that adjusts the oxygen pressure in a cylinder to a level at which the patient can safely use it.

Medical oxygen regulating devices are usually attached to oxygen cylinders. These devices allow patients to customize their oxygen needs, such as adjusting their oxygen flow from 0 litres per minute to 25 litres per minute. There are also many medical oxygen regulators that adjust the oxygen flow per minute. Medical oxygen regulators allow for higher levels of oxygen flow. Ningbo METL INDUSTRIAL is a professional medical oxygen regulator exporter and supplier, offering a wide range of oxygen regulators in the market for your choice.




Today we will have a look at the attributes and benefits of the medical oxygen regulators (d jumbo oxygen cylinder regulator medical) made by Ningbo METL INDUSTRIA.


1️⃣-Lightweight And Easy To Install: The clinical oxygen regulators are light-weight and therefore they can be installed quickly.


2️⃣-Durable: The medical oxygen regulators are understood for their elevated resilience as well as integrity making them completely secure for usage. These valuable tools have high tensile and mechanical toughness and also are durable in nature. These regulators are durable and won't damage if inadvertently gone down, making them a safe and secure option.


3️⃣-Manufactured With Superior Quality Materials: These valuable clinical tools are made by using high-grade products and also do not lose their effectiveness quickly. Experts have actually taken advantage of superb top quality brass, aluminum, as well as other material to generate these medical tools. The medical oxygen regulators are available with the ideal, anti-tarnish and mega surface. One can discover these regulators in different shapes as well as designs.


4️⃣-Low Cost for maintenance : Because of their high-efficiency, toughness, and also sturdy nature, the medical oxygen regulators do not call for much maintenance. These regulators can serve their function successfully without the danger of any type of sort of mistakes and malfunction throughout the functioning process.


5️⃣-Long Service Life: These regulators are anti-corrosive in nature and also are finely crafted with innovative modern technology to execute successfully providing security to the individuals. The sophisticated technology brings about a very much less share of damaged products. Consequently, these oxygen regulators include long service life.


6️⃣-Pass Quality tested: The regulators available with medical oxygen regulator merchants as well as providers constantly go through the highest level of top quality check to guarantee the 100% precision prior to supplying them to the customer end. These regulators are finely designed as well as properly loaded so that they get to the customers in superb condition.


 d jumbo oxygen cylinder regulator medical





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