Working Principle and Characteristics of Flowmeter

February 22,2022

Flowmeter is the eye of industrial production. It is closely related to the national economy, national defense construction, and scientific research. It plays an important role in the national economy and can be used to measure the flow of gas, liquid, steam, and other media.


Today, I will introduce the working principles and characteristics of two kinds of flow meters.




Orifice flowmeter


Working principle


When the fluid fills the pipe and flows through the throttling device in the pipe, the flow beam will shrink locally, so that the flow rate will increase and the static pressure will be low.


Therefore, there will be a pressure drop before and after the throttling part, that is, the pressure difference. The greater the flow of medium flow, the greater the pressure difference before and after the throttling part. Therefore, the orifice flowmeter can measure the fluid flow by measuring the pressure difference. This measurement method is based on the law of energy conservation and the law of flow continuity.


Working characteristics


  • The throttling device has the advantages of simple and firm structure, stable and reliable performance, long service life, and low price;


  • Wide application range, all single-phase flow can be measured, and some mixed-phase flow can also be used;


  • The standard throttling device can be put into use without real flow calibration;


  • The integrated orifice plate is easier to install and can be directly connected to differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter without pressure pipe.


Turbine flowmeter


Working principle


In a certain flow range, the speed of the turbine is directly proportional to the flow rate of the fluid. The fluid flow drives the turbine to rotate, and the speed of the turbine is converted into an electric pulse. The data is displayed with a secondary meter to reflect the fluid flow rate.


Working characteristics


  • Strong anti impurity ability;


  • Strong anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration ability;


  • Its structure and principle are simple and easy to maintain;


  • Almost no pressure loss, saving power consumption.
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